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Root Cleaner 8oz

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Central Coast Garden Root Cleaner Soil Drench- 8oz - Concentrate
Root Cleaner Soil Drench effectively halts and eliminates Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Root Aphids, and mitigates root rot and egg hatching by disrupting their feeding and reproductive processes. This powerful solution targets fungus and algae, causing pests to dehydrate and dry up. Particularly beneficial in environments with high moisture levels, it prevents the development of fungus gnats and other pests that thrive in such conditions. Untreated fungus gnats can compromise beneficial materials in the soil and may feed directly on plants, hindering root development, and causing damage to the root zone. Larvae from these pests can tunnel into stems, leading to wilting and plant death. Root Cleaner Soil Drench is a versatile solution suitable for use in soil, coco, and container gardens. Additionally, it acts against harmful nematodes, disrupting their activities and serving as an effective measure against plant viruses they may carry.